Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Red Ammolite Pendant, Wire Wrapped Fossils

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A beautiful red ammolite cabochon wire wrapped in sterling silver. Notice the oranges and reds! I shot the piece in different lighting to catch most of the coloring, but of course, the pictures do no justice.

Ammolite (one of the house favorites!) is found on the fossilized ammonite shells comprised of the mineral aragonite. This piece (and most pieces on the market) is from Alberta, Canada in the Rocky Mountains. The ammonites found there are from the Late Cretaceous Period, about 60-145 mya (million years ago).

Fun Fact: Ammolite was designated as the official gemstone of Lethbridge, Alberta in 2007.

This small this necklace measures 1 1/4" x 1/2"

For more information on ammolites and their metaphysical meaning, click here!

This wire wrapped pendant includes a sterling silver filled chain, leather cord, or nylon cord. Choose your style and length from the drop-down menu. 

.925 Sterling silver chains are available!

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