About Me

My name is Ischa Solis Lawrence. I am the owner, designer, and chief salesperson. The one who creates, inspects, and approves of everything that represents Ischa's Treasure Chest.

My husband Levi and I set up our jewelry booth at farmer's markets and larger 2-3 day events in Arizona (his first home) during the winter and Colorado (my first home) during the summer. We are currently looking to add New Mexico to our circuit.

People like to call us "early snowbirds" since we're still in our 30's, which is a pretty accurate statement. We love to travel, and this is the perfect way for us to see our families!

My wire weaving journey began 4 years ago when my cousin introduced me to the art of wire wrapping. Once I got my hands on that wire, I felt this rush of limitless potential. I began researching metals, the different gauges of wire available, and learning which ones I liked to work with the most. I taught myself so many weaving patterns, techniques, and how the wire would respond. In my opinion, figuring out how to accentuate and compliment a gemstone while making a functional yet artistic piece of jewelry was probably the biggest challenge. 

Within the last two years, I have added the art of lapidary. This has given me a deeper appreciation for my pieces and given me the freedom to express my artistic possibilities to the fullest.

Levi started hand-hammering copper cuffs to add to the "treasure chest." Our nieces and nephews also loved them. He started calling them "Power Bands," which quickly turned into a game of seeing who had the most powerful Power Bands! Soon, he will incorporate sterling silver and gold.

Ischa’s Treasure Chest has not only given me an outlet for my OCD, but it has also given me a chance to overcome my fear of being in the "limelight." This artistry has put me in social situations that have provided an excellent opportunity to befriend new people. It has also given me a reason to keep rock-hounding and playing with gemstones!



Ischa Solis Lawrence

My hubby, me, and an elephant in Thailand
(Left: My main support system, my #1 sales associate, my best friend, my husband Levi.
Right: Thats me!)