Charities and Causes

Have you been looking for a charity or cause to donate to but can't decide?

Here is list of charities and causes that Ischa's Treasure Chest cares for and supports.

Also, for every sale that I make, I will donate 5% to the charity or cause of your choice from this list. 

***When you are at the checkout window, please leave the charity of your choice in the "Notes" section, and I will make sure your donation gets to the right place! Once I submit your donation, you will receive a confirmation receipt via email. I will also announce your contribution on my social platforms, unless you choose to remain anonymous, in which case, no names will be mentioned!

Cause #1: Reduce->Reuse->Recycle

     Plastic production is affordable and can be used in many different applications, which is why we're in the predicament that we are in today. Yearly, around the globe, we produce over 300 million tons of plastic, with 8 million of that going straight into the ocean. The USA can claim 35.4 million tons out of that 300 million, with only 2.96 million tons recycled. Can you believe that?! That is just mind-boggling.

     With at least 1.6 billion people around the globe that are living in inadequate conditions, why wouldn't we use a resource that would clean our environment at the same time?

     The following list contains companies that have figured out a way to recycle the un-recyclables. They create lego-like bricks out of un-recyclable and recyclable plastics to build homes, schools, classroom tables, and many other useful (and sometimes fun) products. Some companies are even making products for home decor, such as chairs, stools, and shelves!

Here are the projects that I am supporting;

Feel free to choose one of these projects to donate to, or tell me to donate to the "Plastic Project" and I will pick which one receives your gift.

Cause #2: Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver

     The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver has twenty-two neighborhood clubs, not only that, but they operate in my home town! One of those clubs is a residential summer camp, seven are freestanding clubs, fifteen are school-based clubs, and in Aurora, CO, where I grew up, they have seven locations. They even have a virtual club! You can find out more about their Virtual Club by clicking here.

     Each day the Boys and Girls Club helps 2,000 kids succeed in graduation by providing access to academic success and career readiness. They help kids take responsibility for their health by teaching them how to live healthy lifestyles. The Club encourages the youth to build character and leadership skills by organizing and carrying out hundreds of projects that lend a hand in making a difference in their communities. 

     To find a club near you, click here!

Cause #3: Open Hearts Advocates: Certified Crisis Center

     The Open Hearts Advocates was started in 1978 and has served the Craig and Moffat County area for 37 years with vital services to those that are in their greatest times of need. Today Open Heart has joined forces with Community Clinics at Memorial Regional Health. Their certified specialists work with people who have been challenged by sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, teen dating violence, human trafficking, suicide prevention, and other traumas. They provide services to those in Moffat County, Routt County, and Rio Blanco County. Open Heart Advocates provides a 24hr crisis hotline for those in need! Click here to find out more information or if you find yourself in need of support or resources.

***Unfortunately, I have not found a way to donate to the Open Heart Advocates yet. Still, I have decided to list them because they are such a valuable resource that many people need access to and can use. If you or someone you know needs support, it is available to you here.