Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of materials do you use?

My primary "go to's" are fossils and stones of gem quality. For my metals, I use only the highest quality of 14kt gold, 14kt gold-filled wire, .925 sterling silver,  copper, and jeweler's brass. I love going "all-natural", which means your piece will tarnish with age. Fear not, it's practically effortless to clean. Please reference my "How to care for your gem" page!

Where do you get your stones from?

I handpick my stones from either local gem and mineral stores, local vendors at different events I set up at, or large gem and mineral shows. Sometimes, I'm able to go out and rock hound!

Can I mail you my unique stone to have it wire wrapped?

Of course! I absolutely love being involved in such special orders. It's one of my favorite aspects of what I do. Just follow this link to get started!

 How long will it take for my order to ship?

Orders are sent out for delivery on the following business day once I receive your payment. 

Custom orders average out at 4 weeks per wire wrapped piece to complete and ship. If you would like your item before that, follow this link to see prices on expedited orders.

Please see my shipping policies for more info.