Copper Wire Wrapped Earrings, Copper Wire Woven Earrings, DNA Strand Earrings

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For this pair of wire-wrapped earrings, I used the snake weave pattern and handcrafted the hooks with .925 sterling silver.

This is one of my own designs that developed from my search to make my best interpretation of the "double helix", or DNA strand.

Earrings, including the hooks, measure 1 1/2" x 1/2"

If you would like copper hooks, let me know in the checkout window and I will replace the sterling hooks with copper.

Note: These can be recreated if you so wish, just keep in mind that sometimes the re-enactments don't turn out exactly like the original. They can also be recreated in a different metal (ie: 14kt gold, .925 sterling silver, etc). Just pick your metal from the drop-down menu or visit my Contact page!

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