Hematite Ammonite Pendant, Copper Wire Wrapped Ammonites, Hematite Ammonite Necklace 2 out of 2

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I wire wrapped this gorgeous black, hematite ammonite in copper wire. This particular ammonite is found in Morrocco.

Also, check out my other ammonite necklace, this one has a twin! The other half of this fossil is wrapped in copper as a "mirror image". If you have a special someone, whether it be a brother, sister, wife, husband, or whomever, this would be a great gift for both of you!

For more information on ammonites and their metaphysical meaning, click here!

Including the bail, the fossilized ammonite necklace measures 1 1/2" x 1"

This wire-wrapped pendant includes a leather cord or nylon cord. Choose your style and length from the drop-down menu.

Copper chains are also available!

***To pick your charity, click here and leave a note at checkout telling me which one you want to support, or if you want me to pick one. Also, let me know if you don't mind your contribution being shared on social media, or if you wish to remain anonymous.

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