Custom Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Multi-Stone Ring Thin Band

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Here is a prime example of what your wire wrapped multi-stone ring may end up looking like when wire wrapped in .925 sterling silver. This particular style is designed to have a thin band for a more elegant look and feel.

*List what type of stones you would like in your ring, and which one you want as the centerpiece. The stones that you pick determine the price!

Reference to the drop-down menu--> 

       Semi-Precious (A) $280 are the following stone combination examples: Citrine with Amethyst, Garnet with Amethyst, Garnet with Pink Tourmaline, Peridot with Amethyst, Topaz with Pink Tourmaline, etc.

       Semi-Precious (B) $300 are the following stone combination examples: Blue Star Sapphire with Ruby, Emerald with Ruby, Emerald with Onyx, Emerald with Opal, Onyx with Blue Star Sapphire, Onyx with Ruby, Onyx with Opal, etc.

**If you have your own stones, pick the option "Semi-Precious (A)". The only requirements would be the size and shape (i.e.: the center gem would need to be at least 4mm round but no larger than 5mm round. The center gem can be either a faceted or cabochon cut. The two gems on the side would need to be at least 3mm and no larger than 3.5mm. The side gems do need to be a cut cabochon.)

***Please be sure to leave your ring size in the comment section at checkout. 

***To pick your charity, click here and leave a note at checkout telling me which one you want to support, or if you want me to pick one. Also, let me know if you don't mind your contribution being shared on social media, or if you wish to remain anonymous.

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